Preparing Camtasia Files for Upload to Blackboard

If you have created a video using Camtasia, and wish to upload it to Blackboard through Kaltura (see the Adding Videos section), please follow these simple steps to ensure optimal video quality. These instructions are for Camtasia Studio for Windows 7. Instructions for Camtasia for Macintosh are coming soon.


Produce and Share

First, open your video project in Camtasia. Review it to ensure that you do not wish to make any more changes before proceeding. When you are ready, select Produce and share. This will open the Production Wizard, which allows you to select production settings that will yield a high quality video that is web-friendly.


Optimal Settings

From the first drop-down menu, select Custom Production Settings, then click Next.

When asked to select a file format, use the recommended selection: MP4. Press Next.

In this next window, select Classic for the Controller, MP4 as the file format, and ensure the Video size displays (Editing Dimensions).

Now select Flash Options. This will open another window.

In this new window, change the Frame rate to 30, ensure the Key frame is 5 and the Encoding mode is Quality, and set the Quality to 100%. Select OK to save these changes and close the window.

Select Next to navigate away from the Flash Controllers window.

If you choose, you can now add information or a watermark to your video file. When you are finished, select Next.

Now, name your video and choose its location on your computer. The default is a folder called Camtasia Studio, in Documents. There will be an opportunity to open this folder directly in the next step, but it is best to make a note of the file's location for future reference.

Select Finish, and your file will begin rendering. When rendering is complete, a preview window will open and play the video file.

You will also see a window like the one below. Select Open Production Folder to access the newly created video files. Upon your return to this window, select Finish.

When you open the production folder, you will see several files that have been created by the process you just completed. To upload your video to Kaltura, you will need the MP4 file (ending in .mp4).

Congratulations! You are now ready to upload your Camtasia creation to Kaltura. For instructions, visit the Adding Videos section of our Blackboard Content page.