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Participating employers select students they want to hire from among those eligible. They must pay KWSP students the prevailing market wage rate, which cannot be less than the federal minimum wage. With funds provided by KHEAA, institutions will reimburse employers $2 for each hour worked by students. A minimum of 75 percent of wage-reimbursement' dollars allocated to each institution must be paid to private employers. A private employer is an employer in the private sector other than the institution the participating student is attending.

KHEAA provides an administrative allowance and student wage reimbursement funds to institutions which, in turn, administer the program. Institutions must reapply each fiscal year for program participation and funding level.

Employer Responsibilities

Employers must:

  • Complete a standard Employer Agreement with each participating school at which KWSP students are or will be in attendance.
  • Provide to the contracting institution a true and accurate Position Analysis for any vacant positions to be filled.
  • Arrange for interviews with prospective KWSP students, select students to hire from those referred by the institution, and explain to them their rights and responsibilities.
  • Provide eligible students with a bona fide career-related work experience as determined by the participating educational institution.
  • Pay students the prevailing wage rate, which cannot be less than the federal minimum wage.
  • Comply with all federal and state employment, safety, and civil rights laws applicable to the positions filled.
  • Permit on-site inspection and review of records by representatives of the participating institution and KHEAA during normal business hours.

Employers must not:

  • Displace employed workers with KWSP students.
  • "Employ" themselves.
  • Use KWSP students in work and/or work environments which are sectarian in nature or which involve partisan or nonpartisan political activity.

Employer Reimbursement

An employer must submit to the institution, on an agreed-to schedule, proof that the wages were paid to KWSP students. The institutions will, in turn, forward to the employer $2 for each hour worked by qualifying UK students.

Wage reimbursement will occur only after the student has been paid for a work period covered under the terms of the Employer Agreement.

Institution Responsibilities

Higher education institutions must:

  • Identify work opportunities, advertise KWSP to the student body, provide KWSP applications to students, and have on file a KWSP application for each participating student.
  • Determine that participating students meet all eligibility criteria and ensure that students do not receive KWSP funds that exceed their financial need.
  • Determine the eligibility of an employer using criteria provided by KHEAA and have on file an Employer Agreement for each participating employer.
  • Refer eligible students to employers who will select and place students in career- related jobs and advise them of their rights and responsibilities.
  • Verify that students who are employed are enrolled at least half-time.
  • Report program activities and submit required program administration forms to KHEAA by applicable deadlines.
  • Continuously monitor eligibility of the employer and the student and notify students who become ineligible by certified mail.
  • Reimburse the employer $2 an hour for each KWSP student employed.
  • Ensure that a minimum of 75 percent of wage-reimbursement dollars are used for employment in the private sector.

Student Responsibilities  

A participating student must:

  • Complete a KWSP application.
  • Participate in screening or preplacement activities if required by the participating institution.
  • Actively seek and be responsible for full understanding of and compliance with program guidelines, benefits and requirements, and student rights and responsibilities.
  • Complete any and all forms and agreements required by the institution, including the alternate student employment agreement, if appropriate.
  • Be available for a job interview if requested by a participating employer.
  • Maintain eligibility and immediately notify the participating institution in writing of all changes that could affect continued eligibility.
  • Report any program irregularities to the institution.
  • Perform all reasonable employment obligations and comply with all reason- able policies and requirements of the participating employer.

Employers who want more information or are interested in participating in KWSP should contact HR Student Employment:

Chuck Embs
Phone: (859) 257-9554
E-mail:  chuck.embs@uky.edu